Streaming Interlibrary Loan Video Resources (SILLVR)

Streaming Interlibrary Loan Video Resources (SILLVR)


1. What is SILLVR? 

Streaming Interlibrary Loan Video Resources (SILLVR) is a collabortive pilot between the Auraria Library, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (Alliance), InfoBase (Films On Demand), and Swank Digital Campus. The SILLVR pilot will start in 2020 and last one year. During that time streaming videos can be loaned via ILL using the Alliance’s Union Catalog and Resource Sharing system Prospector.  Swank films will only be made available to the Academic Libraries within the Prospector. This document includes instructions for libraries participating in this pilot.

2. What do I do if I receive a SILLVR request for one of my patrons? 

The borrowing library will receive from the lending library an email containing the patron’s name and the link provided by the vendor.  The staff member processing these will then send an email to the patron and include the link to the video.  Once this is done, the request is complete for the borrowing library.  After 21 days the video will expire.  If the patron needs additional time with the video they can re-request it through Prospector as renewals will not be allowed during the pilot program.

3. What will a typical SILLVR request look like?

Here is a typical email

Dear X Library Patron

One of your patrons has requested an item through the Streaming Interlibrary Loan Video Resources (SILLVR) program now available through Prospector.   Here is the information you will need to fulfill this request to your patron:

Title: Little Women

Requesting Institution: Jeffco Public

Patron name: XXXXX 

URL: URL of the streaming video

Expiration Date/Time: 1/27/2020 (After this date, the video is no longer available to view)

**Please note: Streaming Interlibrary Loan Video Resources (SILLVR) is a new pilot program made available through the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Prospector service.  If you have any difficulties, questions, or just would like more information about this program please contact me using the information below

Will include Lending library's contact information.

Feel free to add any other custom language to the email you forward onto your patron. 

5. How can I find a list of SILLVR items in Prospector?

Simply enter "SILLVR" in the Prospector search box.  Here's a short clip

6. What are the borrowing policies on SILLVR items?

All Colorado and Wyoming card holders may request Films on Demand SILLVR items.  Only academic library patrons can request Swank items.  This is due to license restrictiions.  

7. What are the checkout parameters on SILLVR items? 

SILLVR items can be checked out for 21 days with no renewals.  The link will expire after 21 days.  No need to return these items since they will just vanish from the account. 

8 Which libraries are lenders in the SILLVR pilot project?

Auraria, DU-starting later due to technical issues, Univ. of Wyoming and UCCS

9. Are there public performance rights for SILLVR items

Swank videos do not include public performance rights. For example, a patron couldn't check out a Swank video and have a public showing of it.  Alternatively a faculty member, who checks out a Swank video, could provide a showing in the classroom.  They can even provide a link to it from the LMS.  

Films on Demand does include public performance rights,

10.  How many titles are included in the SILLVR pilot project? 

Films on Demand has approximately 32,000 titles, which is the Master Academic Video Collection . If your library subscribes to one of the smaller FOD collections, than you will be able to borrow videos from the Master Collection through SILLVR.  If your library doesn't subscribe to FOD at all, you have access to the entire Master Academic Video Collection.

Swank has approximately 250-300 titles.  Each lending library has individually selected titles so there is no discrete list of Swank titles. 

11. Are there limitations on file size for these streaming videos?

When the lending library sends an email notice that a patron’s SILLVR request is ready to be fulfilled, the email that the lending library will send to the borrowing-patron’s library will simply contain the patron’s information, the title of the video requested, the URL to access the video, and the expiration date/time.   Otherwise there will be no attachments or content in the email, so there is no need to worry about file size at all.

12. Which type of devices support streaming videos? 

Streaming videos are viewable on all modern technological devices including IOS, Android, E-readers, tablets and computers.  

13: Can I watch a streaming video on my smart tv? 

If viewers want to access the videos on their TVs,  they would have to use their TV’s built in web browser and navigate to the URL. In most cases this should work. However this is not a "supported" way to view the videos and the vendor can't provide technical assistance for this. Viewers can also access the video through a smart phone and screen-cast it to the TV (using Airplay for Apple or Chromecast for Android,) and these technologies usually work fine.