Repository Infrastructure

Repository Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the hardware, software, and services that keep the repository running behind the scenes. One of the advantages of a hosted repository service is that we can take care of infrastructure so you don't have to become a systems and software expert. For those eager to dive into software and development, we can support you as you work with and contribute to open-source repository infrastructure.

Fully managed hardware

ADR hardware is stored at a collocation facility to meet power, cooling, and security needs. Data is replicated and backed up to disk locally and in the cloud.

Open-Source Software

The ADR Basic repository platform runs on Islandora, an open-source Drupal-based repository system, and uses Fedora Commons as its core repository software.

Cloud-Based Backup

Repository data from the ADR is replicated in the cloud with DuraCloud, a service of DuraSpace.

XML Standards for Descriptive Metadata

All the objects in the repository have a basic set of descriptive information in MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema), which is a set of metadata designed to describe resources commonly found in libraries. The ADR and its members follow best practices for MODS as set out by the Digital Library Federation’s Implementation Guidelines for Shareable MODS and MODS Levels of Adoption (Minimum for Doing Anything Useful).

Security Metadata

The ADR uses XACML security metadata to control access to collections, objects, and datastreams in the repository.