ADR Member Repositories

ADR Member Repositories



Colorado State Publications Library Digital Repository

The Colorado State Publications Library contains documents produced by Colorado state agencies. The digital documents provide residents with transparency to their state government. As paper documents are digitized they are included in the repository. Serial documents will be included at a future date.

Colorado College Logo

Digital Archives of Colorado College

The Digital Archives of Colorado College is a long-term, web-accessible repository that organizes, preserves and makes available the creative, scholarly and institutional work of the faculty, staff and students of Colorado College.

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Digital DU (University of Denver)

Digital DU, a service of the University of Denver Libraries, collects, preserves, and disseminates digital assets that are of historical or significant value to the University of Denver.

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Digital Library/Archive at the University of Wyoming

The Digital Library/Archive at the University of Wyoming is a permanent, web-based, preservation and viewing repository that houses digital collections from the University of Wyoming.

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Digital UNC (University of Northern Colorado)

Digital UNC is a digital repository service offered by the University Libraries to capture, store, organize, index, preserve, and provide access to examples of the University of Northern Colorado's information resources and intellectual output.


JeffCo Stories Oral History Project

Jeffco Stories, a project of the Jefferson County Public Library, records interviews about Jefferson County, its people, history, and environs.

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Regis University Digital Repository

The Regis University Digital Repository is a secure web-based repository dedicated to supporting the Regis community by preserving and disseminating institutional materials in digital format.


A Sound Model: Collaborative Infrastructure for Digital Audio

The "A Sound Model" project, begun by the Colorado Digitization Project in 2004 through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, contains thousands of digitized heritage items, focusing especially on audio resources and oral histories to provide a model for the digitization of audio resources by other collaborative or consortia programs.

The University of Denver Libraries and the Alliance Digital Repository are providing access to the content from the Sound Model project through this Islandora digital repository site.