The Colorado Alliance Licenses ccAdvisor for its Member Libraries from Choice

The Colorado Alliance Licenses ccAdvisor for its Member Libraries from Choice

Choice and The Charleston Company Welcome the Colorado Alliance for Research Libraries and Its Members as Subscribers to ccAdvisor, the Online Review Source for Information Databases

Middletown, CT - October 25, 2017: Choice and The Charleston Company have announced that the Colorado Alliance for Research Libraries--representing sixteen major libraries located in Colorado and Wyoming, founded in 1974--has arranged for subscriptions to ccAdvisor, a ground-breaking new tool for the discovery and evaluation of academic databases, websites, and tools, on behalf of its member institutions.

Launched in September, ccAdvisor is a collaboration between Choice, publisher of Choice Reviews, and The Charleston Company, the highly respected publisher of The Charleston Advisor. Like The Charleston Advisor, ccAdvisor features lengthy (2,000+ word) reviews written by subject-area experts and peer reviewed to ensure the quality and integrity of the evaluation. And like Choice Reviews, ccAdvisor is a true database, allowing users to search, filter, build lists, set alerts and build side-by-side comparison tables of related works. Because it is a database, not simply an archive of reviews, the information in ccAdvisor will be continuously updated and will remain current through round after round of product upgrades and successor versions of standing works.

"The critical evaluation of scholarly materials is the core of our identity as an academic publisher," noted Mark Cummings, editor and publisher of Choice. "We are delighted to bring these skills to our new collaboration with The Charleston Company in the development of ccAdvisor."

"It is more than appropriate for the Colorado Alliance to be among the first libraries to put ccAdvisor to use. We are grateful to the Alliance for their ongoing support since our first issue in July 1999 and to George Machovec, who has served as Managing Editor from the beginning," said Rebecca Lenzini, president of The Charleston Company and publisher of The Charleston Advisor.

"The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries is thrilled to provide ccAdvisor for our member libraries. Libraries now spend the majority of their materials budget on e-resources and having authoritative reviews on many of these products helps in better decision making on what to license at both a local and consortial level," said George Machovec, Executive Director of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.

More information on ccAdvisor, including how to sign up for a free trial, can be found at  Access to ccAdvisor is provided at