Governance and Organization

Governance and Organization

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Alliance Digital Repository is to provide sustainable services to member institutions and partners for preserving, managing, and providing access to digital assets of enduring value.

The Alliance Digital Repository is envisioned as core infrastructure that supports the research, education, and digital curation efforts of member institutions. ADR staff and stakeholders strive to develop and share innovative, collaborative, and standards-based approaches to digital curation to assist member institutions and the wider digital curation community.

Alliance Digital Repository Services strives to provide its members with a digital repository that:

  • is standards-based.
  • provides reusable content.
  • assists in the long-term management and preservation of digital objects.
  • offers secure digital storage.
  • encourages open access.
  • operates with scalable and sustainable processes.   


Board of Directors

The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Board of Directors provides fiscal and policy oversight as per the bylaws of the Alliance. The Board meets quarterly.

ADR Directors Group

The ADR Directors group is composed of deans and directors of participating institutions and has high-level operational oversight of ADR Services. The ADR Directors Group meets quarterly.

ADR Services Committee

The ADR Services Committee recommends policy, best practice, strategic direction, and resource allocations for the ADR and forms working groups as necessary. Member representatives are appointed by their deans or directors (who serve on the ADR Directors Group) and work closely with ADR Services staff. Generally, members of the ADR Services committee are librarians or IT staff who work closely with the repository and are familiar with their institution’s resources, content, and metadata. 


ADR Policies 1.0, September 2007