ADR Islandora Features

ADR Islandora Features

ADR Islandora is the Islandora (Drupal/Fedora Commons) digital repository system hosted by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. ADR staff centrally manage the hardware and software and provide documentation, support, and training.

Benefits of the ADR Islandora Repository Service


Central Hosting and Management

ADR Services centrally manages all the hardware, software, updates, and backups for the repository.

Fedora Commons for Reusability

Fedora Commons open-source repository software supports management, reuse, migration, and transformation activities on digital objects for access and preservation.

Islandora Repository Software

Islandora offers powerful digital repository access and management software and an active open-source development community.

Custom Web Portal with Drupal

Customize the look and feel of the repository front end with the Drupal web content management system.

Access and Authentication

Manage restricted, embargoed, or dark archive content with user accounts in Drupal and security metadata in Fedora.

Content Loading

Add content to the repository with easy web forms for adding metadata and attaching files. ADR Services also provides batch ingest tools for migration or large sets of exisiting content.


Metadata and the full text of PDFs and other documents are indexed by Solr and can be searched with simple and advanced search functions.

Streaming and Viewing

Embedded viewers and players display common formats of document, image, audio, and video content without users having to download anything from the repository.

Cloud Storage

Back up objects in the cloud and perform fixity checks with DuraCloud.

Content Sharing

Share OAI-PMH metadata for harvesting and aggregation into other sites. Every object is assigned a Handle link for persistent identification.

Local Support

ADR Services staff provide local support, training, and consultations on metadata, content, and digital preservation.